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Expert Metal Detectors

Expert Metal Detectors

Welcome to the Expert Metal Detectors section of our store.

If you are an experienced user of metal detectors already or you want to buy a machine that has no limits as you become more experienced with extra advanced settings then we have some amazing metal detectors in this category to buy. We are proud UK dealers of Nokta Makro and Minelab metal detectors which manufacture some of the best and most technologically advanced machines in the world for hunting coins & relics, and gold prospecting whether this is for searching inland or on the beaches.

All the metal detectors in this category we have categorised for expert-level users but they do all have built-in pre-programmed search modes so you can just switch on and start detecting even if you are an experienced detectorist or not. The best & most popular machines are the Minelab Equinox 800 & the CTX3030, Nokta Makro The Legend & Anfibio.

If you need any advice with purchasing one of these machines below please do contact us.

£79900 (£66583 Ex. VAT)
In stock
£92900 (£77417 Ex. VAT)
In stock
£1,12900 (£94083 Ex. VAT)
In stock
£1,79900 (£1,49917 Ex. VAT)
In stock
£66995 (£55829 Ex. VAT)
In stock
£86596 (£72163 Ex. VAT)
In stock
£75995 (£63329 Ex. VAT)
In stock