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Metal Detectors

Here at Duchy Metal Detectors, we are very proud to be a UK dealer of Minelab metal detectors, XP metal detectors, Garrett & Nokta Makro metal detectors, these brands have a proven track record of having the latest metal detecting technologies and being the best machines in the world. We believe in only selling the highest quality metal detectors on the market and not Chinese toys as there is nothing more frustrating than purchasing one that simply does not work properly, especially when it comes to buying children's or a beginner's first machine. We offer a range of machines for multi-purpose use & detecting terrains such as wet sandy beaches, diving underwater, inland on pasture fields, historical ploughed sites, and goldfields. 

We offer only the best single and multi-frequency metal detectors available in the UK for children, the beginner, right up to an expert level detectorist.